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Sello PROMO-VERTPROMO-VERT CROP SERVICES S.L. works as a proffessional certificator in an objective, impartial and independent way, and covers all process: production, manipulation and food and agriculture industry. PROMO-VERT started the Control and Certification activity in 2001, making a step forward in a wide experience in quality systems applied to production and security in the food sector. In order to guarantee the best service to its clients, PROMO-VERT has:

  • A qualified auditors team highly experienced in the agriculture sector and full dedication, offering a fast, efficient and technical rigor service to its clients.
  • A quality management system that permit us to develop the avalaible resources in a controlled and optimum way, including the actualisation and continuing improvement of the organisation and processes.

In PROMO-VERT we commit ourselves to certification and quality in service, guaranteed by our high experience in the food and agriculture development.

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